About Bathgate Farm

Bathgate Farm is a family business developed by Andrew and Jocelyn Bathgate. It is located near Albany on the south coast of Western Australia. We grow potatoes, vegetable and salad crops for sale at the Albany Farmers Market and to selected local restaurants and retailers. Our interest is growing food that we like to eat using a practical but environmentally healthy approach. Many of the varieties we grow are unconventional and have been selected for their flavour and cooking qualities. Our passion is to share our experience in producing and preparing fresh produce. We also grow seed potatoes which we supply to the nursery industry.

8 thoughts on “About Bathgate Farm

  1. Melissa

    Hi There,

    Just wondering how I go about purchasing seed potatoes from you? Also what varieties you may have?

    Kind Regards

    1. jocelyn2013 Post author

      Hi Melissa,
      Nurseries in the metro area and near Albany are about to stock Royal Blue, Delaware, Norland and Kipfler.
      At the end of April they will have King Edward, Dutch Cream, Nicola, and Rodeo. It is worth noting that these have only just been harvested so they will take a while to shoot. It is better dealy planting until they sprout shoots.

  2. Carla van Raay

    Hi, friends at Bathgate. Your product reaches me at the Palmyra Primary School markets. Would you kindly share how you grow your cos lettuce organically? I see no info about any of your practices on the website, so would be grateful for info on the lettuce anyway. With thanks, Carla

    1. jocelyn2013 Post author

      Hi Carla,
      Sophie sells our lines as spray free. Some of our leafy greens are sprayed with organically certified chemicals. The three we have been using are Spinosad Naturalyte, Pyrethrum and Dipel. Lettuces are not sprayed. Please ring if you would like to discuss further
      Andrew B

    1. jocelyn2013 Post author

      Most independent nurseries in Perth will sell our seed potatoes. I do not have all of their names, but I know Xanthorea has them, the large Midland Nursery and Dawsons carry them. There are many others if these are not close to you.

  3. Augustin

    Hi guys
    Im Augustin chef Augye.
    I want to know if we can now work together.
    I run a big restaurant and i will like to get your produce in my menu.


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