This week at Bathgate Farm – 23 October 2015

Huge variety of spring vegetables at this weeks market.


Stems and roots:

  • carrots- sweet orange, purple and rainbow varieties;
  • parsnips;
  • fennel;
  • spring onions;
  • beetroot;
  • red radish
  • black Spanish radish
  • green garlic.


  • mini-cabbage, sugarloaf cabbage;
  • broccolini;
  • spigarello;
  • English spinach;
  • ruby chard;
  • wild greens – nettles, sorrel, dill .

Bitter greens:

  • radicchio,
  • dandelion chicory,
  • sugarloaf chicory,
  • salad mix of bitter greens and lettuce,
  • Cos hearts;

Asian Greens:

  • Chinese cabbage;
  • pak choy
  • choy sum
  • coriander
  • Japanese turnip
  • Daikon.

    Available at Albany Farmers Market


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