In season this week at Bathgate Farm – 23 August 2014

We will have an abundance of winter vegetables this week at Albany Farmers Market.



    • Rodeo – semi floury, multipurpose potato for boiling, mashing and roasting;
    • Ranger Russet – very floury potato for chipping, but also brilliant baked in its jacket or roasted. Needs to be watched when boiled as floury potatoes have a tendency to break apart if over cooked.


  • we have lots of delicious Argentine pumpkins. Perfect for soups or roasting. Sweet firm flesh.

Stems and roots:

  • carrots – we have harvested a big patch of sweet, crunchy winter nantes;;
  • fennel – perfect combined with navel oranges in a salad;
  • parsnips;
  • turnips;
  • swedes
  • European radish;
  • beetroot, standard purple and blankoma (white variety with tender, edible leaves).


  • Tuscan kale (cavolo nero) and curly kale;
  • Bitter green salad mix;
  • frisee and scarole;
  • cos and minicos lettuces
  • sugarloaf cabbage;
  • Chinese cabbage (Wombok)
  • Perpetual spinach;
  • broccolini and first of this year’s purple sprouting;
  • Romanesco (last week).

Asian Vegetables:

  • pak choy;
  • choy sum;
  • Chinese cabbage (Wombok);
  • daikon;
  • coriander.

Preserves from the farm :

  • Coriander and Garlic Sauce ,
  • Vietnamese Curry Paste,
  • Tomato and Anaheim relish,
  • Red Onion and Tomato Chutney,
  • Tomato Kasaundi,
  • spicy tomato sauce,
  • pickled fire roasted chillies (mild -Anaheim and Poblanos, hot -Jalapenos)
  • Harrief;
  • quince jelly (including some with quince pieces)
  • quince butter,
  • Seville orange marmalade.

All available on Saturday from 8 am to 12 noon at Albany Farmers Market, Collie Street, Albany. Western Australia.


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