In season this week at Bathgate Farm – 17 August 2013


  • Dutch Cream – sought after yellow -fleshed waxy potato, excellent for mashing, roasting, casseroles, salads, boiling;
  • Norland – red skinned, waxy potatoes for boiling and salads. Boil up more than you need and use them later in a Spanish omelette or potato curry;
  • Ranger Russet – very floury potato developed for chipping, also perfect for roasting and jacket potatoes. Good masher, but be careful when boiling floury potatoes as they crack when over cooked.

Stems and roots:

  • new season carrots – several varieties including Amsterdam (long thin orange), nantes and purple and yellow varieties;
  • beetroot golden and standard with the tops on for all those keen juicers and smoothie makers. Beetroot tops are a delicious cooked like chard or shredded in a salad.
  • fennel ;
  • bunched young purple topped turnips
  • leeks.



  • Purple sprouting and Romanesco broccoli shoots;
  • Perpetual spinach and mixed beet leaf bunches;
  • Bitter green salad mix;
  • sorrel;
  • Radicchio.

See our article Winter Salads for some salad making ideas.


  • Argentine pumpkins – on request only.

 Preserves from the farm :

  • Coriander and Garlic Sauce (for marinades, basting, substitute for fresh coriander),
  • Vietnamese Curry Paste,
  • Harrief  (hot Moroccan style chilli and roasted pepper sauce),
  • Thai style Chilli Jam,
  • Red Onion and Tomato Chutney,
  • Eggplant Kasaundi,
  • Tomato Kasaundi,
  • Spicy Tomato Sauce,
  • Quince Butter and
  • Quince Jelly – classic jelly and with quince pieces.

All available on Saturday from 8 am to 12 noon at Albany Farmers Market, Collie Street, Albany. Western Australia.

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