In season this week at Bathgate Farm – 4 April 2013

Autumn abundance at Bathgate Farm


    • Kipfler – waxy fingerling variety. Delicious however used;
    • Norland – red skinned waxy ideal for boiling and salads;
    • Delaware – WA old favourite, general purpose

Fruiting vegetables

  • Tomatoes – multi-coloured large cherry sized varieties;
  • Chillies: poblano, Anaheim, jalapeno
  • mini-capsicum
  • fancy peppers (cubanelle, bulls horn)
  • tomatillos;
  • golden nugget squash;

Stems and roots:

  • carrots – last of the summer crop this week. Purple and yellow varieties only;
  • red onions- 1sts and seconds;
  • shallots (French type);
  • leeks;
  • parsnips.


  • Perpetual spinach, silver beet and ruby chard;
  • Tuscan kale (cavolo nero);
  • Bitter green salad mix;
  • Radicchio, sugarloaf endive, frisee and scarole
  • broccolini.

Asian Greens:

  • pak choy;
  • tatsoi;
  • Kailan;
  • kang kong.

Preserves from the farm :

  • Coriander and Garlic Sauce ,
  • Vietnamese Curry Paste,
  • Red Onion and Tomato Chutney,
  • Eggplant Kasaundi,
  • Tomato Kasaundi,
  • spicy tomato sauce,
  • Harrief.

All available on Saturday from 8 am to 12 noon at Albany Farmers Market, Collie Street, Albany. Western Australia.

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